I Need A License For My Asset

Written by Peter
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When you download and use an asset, you may need to prove that you have the license to use that asset. Fortunately, you can download a pdf license file for the downloaded asset by clicking the "Download License" button on the downloaded asset in "My Downloads":



This will generate a .pdf file with pertinent information about the product, when it was downloaded, your subscription status and contact information for Motion Array.


Remember, you do need an active subscription to use our paid assets for new work 👍


If you are having trouble finding your download, you should be able to see all downloads, from the downloads page on your account, here.

You can filter the My Downloads page to only show Royalty-Free Music tracks if you set the SHOW ME: setting to the following:

  • Royalty Free Music
  • 96 Per Page

Then, press control/command + F on your keyboard, search for a keyword in the track title, such as "Cosy".

HOT TIP, if the name of a track on a copyright claim you received is different from the downloaded Motion Array track, check your original edit project or downloaded track on your system for the original Motion Array title.

Otherwise, you will have to do your best to find the track here...

A track may be registered as "Cosy" on the copyright claim, but the full Motion Array track name may be "Get Cosy". In which case, you should just search for the key word here, which is "Cosy"

You may need to browse multiple pages to find what you are looking for:


New Method!

As a tip, you can download a license by entering the following string into your address bar, if you have access to the unique asset slug (the last string of a product page)


Product Page:



Asset License:



Simply change the asset slug (number digits) on the end, e.g. "143375" and paste the URL into the address bar to download it.