Can I Use Free Assets Commercially?

Written by Peter
  • Updated

So you have downloaded some of our fun free assets, and you want to make a commercial, a youtube video or a social media post, but you need to know "can I use this asset?" The yes!

  • Do you need to give us credit for the asset? Nope!
  • Do you need to make sure the video is demonetized? Not at all!

You can use our free assets for personal and commercial purposes with three very important exceptions:

  1. You can not distribute our assets. Yes, they are free on the site, but you do need a free account to use them.

  2. You can not provide a service to complete a free template for a third party.

  3. You can not use assets with the label "Editorial use only. Not for commercial use". You can learn more about that here

  4. You can not use Paid assets with a Free account. To download and use unlimited awesome templates, videos, photos and sounds, upgrade today!

That's it! Other than that, you can use our free assets in any video for any reason at any time 👍