Can I Use Motion Array Assets For Commercial Use?

Written by Peter
  • Updated

Most assets available for download on Motion Array are cleared for commercial use.
This includes everything from social media to big-budget national commercial spots. Broadcast, film, internet, radio, and other distribution channels - these are all covered with our license, and there is no need to credit anyone in final projects.

There are only a few restrictions with regard to commercial use:

  1. We require that our assets are not used in a manner that is defamatory to any person or group and that assets are not used in connection with pornographic materials.

  2. You can not distribute our assets. This just means don't give our files to another person.

  3. You can not provide a service to complete a template for a third party on Fiverr or Youtube or another customization platform.

  4. You can not use "editorial content" labelled stock video. You can learn more about that here.
    A smaller number of video, image and graphics assets are labeled with “Editorial use only. Not for commercial use.” These are assets that may include recognizable brands, locations & landmarks, or people that are not cleared for commercial use, but that can be used for editorial purposes.

For more Graphics and print specific rules, check out this article.