What Happens If I Downgrade?

Written by Peter
  • Updated

When you downgrade your subscription to our free membership, several important changes take effect:

  • Loss of Access to Paid Assets in New Projects:
    With the downgrade, you lose the ability to use paid assets in new projects. However, any work completed while subscribed remains licensed for commercial use.
  • Deletion of Existing Review Sites and Uploads:
    Your existing review sites and uploads linked to your paid subscription will be deleted.
  • Watermarking of Premium Plugin Effects:
    Premium plugin effects will bear a red X or logo watermark, signifying the transition to free membership. This change also affects your previous projects which use our plugin effects and transitions. 
  • Access Limited to Free Products:
    Your access will be limited to downloading only free products from our platform.

Despite these changes, you can always upgrade back to a premium membership whenever needed. We're here to support you through every step of your subscription journey.