What if I get a Copyright Claim From YouTube?

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About YouTube Copyright Claims

We are excited to announce that we recently updated our subscription coverage to provide better protection for your content. 

YouTube systematically runs checks on every video uploaded to the platform in order to protect original content. This system is called Content ID. There are different Content ID companies that run these checks, these companies are also referred to as “Claimants”. 

Should you ever receive a claim as a Motion Array subscriber, you can easily have the claim removed by following the steps below.

If you have previously disputed the copyright claim in question by following the instructions provided below - don't worry! The claim will be removed from your video within 30 days and no further action is required unless the status of the claim is changed, which you will be notified about.

How to identify the claimant who made a copyright claim

1. Go to YouTube Studio and click “Content” in the left menu.

2. Find the video with the claim you want to dispute in the “Videos” tab.

3. In the “Restrictions” column, hover over “Copyright” and click “See Details”.


4. Hover over the column underneath "Impact on the video"

5. A popup box will appear, with the Copyright owner name, this is the Claimant

Claim Popup-MA - CSR GIF.gif


How to resolve or dispute a claim

Solution 1 (HAAWK/Identifyy - through Motion Array)

Solution 2 (HAAWK/Identifyy - through YouTube)

Solution 3 (Not HAAWK/Identifyy)


Solution 1 (HAAWK/Identifyy - through Motion Array)

If you get a Content ID claim related to songs registered with the claimant HAAWK/Identifyy, you can easily dispute it through Motion Array. Here’s how:


1. Go to the “Content ID Claims” section in “My Account”.

2. Enter your claimed video’s URL on YouTube. Check that your video's privacy settings are set to “Public” or “Unlisted”.

3. Click “Clear Claim”.

4. Track your submissions to see when claims have been cleared.

If the video is not cleared, it is either because the link is not valid, or because there is not a valid HAAWK or Identifyy claim on the video, or another claimant issued the copyright (in which case, continue to Option 2 or 3 below).


Solution 2 (Through YouTube)

Alternatively, you can dispute the claim through YouTube. Sign into YouTube Studio and follow these steps:

1. Click “Content” in the left menu.

2. Find the video with the claim you want to dispute in the “Videos” tab.

3. In the “Restrictions” column, hover over “Copyright” and click “See Details”.

4. Find the claim and click “Actions” then “Dispute”.

5. Check the box that says “I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner”.

6. Add your subscriber statement and license details - see below to learn how:

Include both of the following in your dispute:


The following subscriber statement (pick the correct one depending on your plan):

Paid Accounts:

I am paying member of MotionArray.com and I have the rights to use this track on my YouTube video

Free Accounts:

This track is free for royalty free use on Motion Array, and I have a free account

A copy and paste of the text from the asset license .pdf. (Learn how to download an asset license here. Please note that YouTube does not allow attachments, so you will need to copy and paste the text from the .pdf asset license file)


IMPORTANT: You must submit both the subscriber statement and a copy and paste of the license as mentioned in the text above.


7. Check all the boxes, sign your name and click “Submit”.

This should be enough to get the claim cleared, and most claims are resolved in 24-72 hours.


Solution 3 (Not HAAWK/Identifyy)

If the claimed song is not registered to HAAWK/Identifyy and you are unable to clear it yourself, chat with our Support Team and they’ll help you get the claim removed.


Was your dispute rejected?

If your dispute was rejected, our support team is here to help! It is absolutely crucial to have followed each step outlined above precisely when disputing a copyright claim. By completing all the steps, you'll ensure a smooth and successful dispute or appeal process. Please let us know if you missed a step.



If you are unable to find the tracks that you used in your downloads page due to a different author or title name from the copyright claim (sometimes this happens), check the license of the track that you used to verify the original track name. Alternatively,  if you still have access to the original assets that you downloaded, you will find that each asset has a unique asset number and can be helpful if you ever need to find this asset again including the page on our site:



See here to learn how to download an asset license.


For Clients or Creators with Clients: If you create content for your client and they receive a copyright claim for the video you made using Motion Array, don't worry! Your client can easily follow the steps outlined in this article to submit a dispute on your behalf. In this case, all you need to do is provide your client with the asset license, and they can handle the claim for you as the end-user of your fantastic work.