What is in my Graphics Zip File

Written by Peter
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Are you ready to use our Graphics assets, but need some information about what's included? Then we are here to help!


While each type of asset (Mock Ups, Templates, and Icons) may contain different types of assets, the folder will be organized like our template folders. The zip (compressed) folder you download will include the following:

  • Preview Image

  • Help Folder

  • Project / Asset Folder

Let us break down what this means, piece by piece. First, there should be a Preview Image in the zip file. The Preview Image should show you what the graphic will look like. Here is an example preview image, and a screenshot of where you may find it in the download:


screenshot of a graphic template, containing the text
The preview images are in the download zip, or within the project folder


Next is the Help Folder. This folder contains a font.txt document with links to the fonts used in the template. Finally, the Project Folder contains the .Ai, .PSD, .Ind or image files for the final asset. Generally, it will be named after the project, or may just be named "Project".


We hope this has been helpful, and that you enjoy your graphics adventure!