How To Edit Graphics Placeholders

Written by Peter
  • Updated

Many of our Graphics templates include placeholders that you can replace with your own images.


If you would like to replace one of the image placeholders with your own, you will need to do the following:

  1. Right click on an image placeholder from the Layers menu. (in this case, the placeholder layers are in a folder called "Editable Screens", although this wording may differ slightly per template)

  2. Select Replace contents


3. A content selection window should appear, navigate to the image on your system that you would like to use and select "Place"



4. Your content is now in place of the placeholder



5. If you would like to edit the placeholder, you can double-click on the smart object thumbnail which will trigger the placeholder to open in a different tab:



6. Here, you can unlock your image and make changes to it (e.g. scale, add text, etc.)