DaVinci Macros vs Templates

Written by Peter
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On our marketplace, we have two different types of DaVinci Resolve assets: DaVinci Resolve Templates and DaVinci Resolve Macros. What is the difference between a Template or a Macro? Let's find out!


DaVinci Resolve Templates:

You can find these in our marketplace under Video Templates -> DaVinci Resolve

Or access the page here

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 11.53.54.png
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 11.54.24.png

You will notice the URL of a DaVinci Resolve Template will also include "davinci-resolve-templates":


These are essentially complete Davinci Resolve project archives. You restore them in your project browser, and then edit the edit placeholders in the 01. Edit folder to change the results of the timeline or timelines in the 02. render folder, and then export a complete video:


DaVinci Resolve Macros:

A DaVinci Resolve Macros is similar to a Motion Graphics Template in Premiere Pro, or a Title in Final Cut Pro. You can also access our DaVinci Resolve Macros here.

In the marketplace, they look like this:

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 11.54.53.png
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 11.55.17.png


You will notice the URL of a DaVinci Resolve Macros will also include "davinci-resolve-macros":

Instead of using them as full projects, you install macros in a particular directory on your system, and access them in the "Effects Library" inside of Davinci Resolve:

And they will appear in the "Toolbox" under the folder they were installed in (titles, generators, etc.):


You can follow this tutorial to learn how to install the macros:



What are the advantages of each?

  • A DaVinci Resolve Template is great if you need to create a complete video or add a couple titles quickly, with little change. The video placeholders allow you to add media and quickly render a complete video, but re-using elements and making significant changes are more challenging.
  • A DaVinci Resolve Macro is great if you need to use titles or animated elements many times in your videos, across multiple projects. As they are installed at the base level, they are easy to access and have no issues being used many times in any project.


We hope this helps! If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask 👍