Why Is The Render Timeline Blank?

Written by Peter
  • Updated

If you have opened a DaVinci Resolve template only to find it blank, even after inserting your placeholder photos, videos or logos, you may need to download & install the included font that should be linked in a text file in the template's "Font" folder.

  1. Save & Close DaVinci Resolve

  2. Download & install the fonts which are linked in the Font document in the Font folder in the downloaded template. See here if you are unsure about how to install a font on your system.


3. Open DaVinci Resolve, and try out the template or macros again. If all is well, you should now see all elements in the render or final timeline appear correctly). 

The above should also work with DaVinci Resolve Macros' that are showing up blank.


PLEASE NOTE: Even if you have the same font already installed on your system that you downloaded from a different template or site, you may need to download & overwrite the font with the one linked in the specific template. This is because DaVinci Resolve may not be able to detect that a previously installed font with the same name is the same font you want to use in a different template. Reopen DaVinci Resolve and re-restore from archive the template after doing this.


Troubleshooting tip: If you have followed all of the above steps, and the template or macros is still loading up blank, you may need to go through each of the edit text timelines in the template (typically these are in the Edit folder), select the text element in the timeline, and change the font from the inspector window. Make sure to change the font to any other font than what is already selected from the font dropdown. Do this for all font drop-downs available.


Finally, if you have tried all of the above steps, and you are still having trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team from the live chat or from our contact page here.