How To Install Premiere Pro Presets

Written by Peter
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To install Presets to Adobe Premiere Pro, please follow the following steps:


1. Open Up Adobe Premiere

2. Navigate to the Effects Window. Right click on top of the "Presets" folder. Select "Import Presets..."

3. A window should come up. Select the preset (.prfpset) then click on "Open"

4. You should now see the installed presets under the Presets folder. This is located inside the Effects window of Adobe Premiere Pro:


Assets downloaded from the extension will appear in your Documents > Motion Array Downloads folder by default. This applies to Presets too.


Please note: 

If Premiere Pro can not detect the Presets, it's very likely that this is because the downloaded presets are still in the downloaded .zip folder.

You will need to unzip the downloaded preset folders first, you can learn how to do so here:   How To Unzip Downloads (


We hope this information has been helpful and if you have any other questions, please let us know!