Software Only v. CUDA And OpenCL

Written by Peter
  • Updated

Imagine you just found the perfect template for Premiere Pro. But when you open it up, something's wrong. Perhaps it does't look the same as it did in the preview video. Or maybe the project has a visual glitch or the graphics are offset. Or it could be possible that the template is not structured to display correctly under your current renderer in Premiere Pro. 


Some users have computers with Nvidia or AMD graphics cards. This hardware being present results in different choices in Premiere Pro's project settings. Nvidia cards can use the CUDA renderer, and AMD cards use OpenCL renderer.

Here at Motion Array, we want products to be accessible to all users. All templates are tested to work under Software Only Renderer. Some templates work correctly on all three options, but this is not always the case.

To change your project's render settings go to File > Project Settings > General


Then change the renderer to Software Only.


That is it! Your project should now be displaying the correct way.