I Haven't Received a Verification Email

Written by Peter
  • Updated

First, please confirm that your registered email address is the correct email address with no spelling errors. You can test this by doing the following:


1. Go to My Account:

2. Check that your email address is correct under Your Contact Email. If it isn't, change it to the correct email.


3. At the bottom of the page, select SAVE CHANGES


4. Hit the download button on this asset here to send a new verification email and check your email inbox for the verification email.


If you're still having trouble finding the verification email we sent you, here are some steps to try:


1- Check spam folder


2- Add MotionArray.com as a trusted email domain in your email's address book.


3- Add no-reply@motionarray.com as a contact.


4- Try an account from Gmail Your domain may be blocking our verification emails.