How To Download Free Assets

Written by Peter
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Need to download some assets to give Motion Array a trial run? Then get started by creating a Free account. (select "Start Free Now") from the top navigation bar to register a Free account.


Motion Array's Free account plan requires no credit card to sign up and offers the following features:

  • 100s of free video templates
  • 100s of free songs & SFX
  • Dozens of free graphic assets
  • New free assets sent to your email regularly
  • A catalog of 1M+ video templates, songs,
    motion graphics & more to explore

Downloading Free Products Using A Desktop

Simply go to any marketplace page and filter your search by selecting the 'Free assets' checkbox from the filter menu:



NOTE: To help you identify free products, look for the "FREE" label next to the product titles.




Downloading Free Assets Using A Mobile Device


Downloading Free Assets using a Mobile Device is similar to using a Desktop.


To find Free Assets using a Mobile Device, simply go to our marketplace and select "Filter" from the top menu:


Then select the "Free assets" checkbox from the filter menu for the product category.



Once you have selected the Free assets filter, simply select a product marked as Free, then from the Product Page, select the Download button.