What Cybersecurity Controls Are In Place?

Written by Peter
  • Updated

We take security seriously at Motion Array. We regularly review our controls to ensure that they are well-designed and effective.

All plugins and extensions are developed internally. We do not sell plugins or extensions developed by third parties in our marketplace. All software is thoroughly tested for stability and security.

Excluding plugins and extensions, most of the content in our marketplace is provided by third party authors. As such, we put significant effort into vetting our authors and reviewing their uploads.

Prior to accepting a new author, the author's portfolio is reviewed for quality and authenticity. We believe a high barrier to entry helps mitigate the possibility of bad actors uploading malicious files to our marketplace.

When authors upload a file, it is downloaded by our QC team, and automatically scanned for malware using the browser or operating system's built-in scanning software. If any malware were detected at this point, the file would be rejected immediately and removed. Rejected files are never available for our customers to download.

Our website uses an encrypted connection for all traffic. Traffic is continuously monitored for suspicious activity. All sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format.

If you suspect that you have downloaded malicious content from Motion Array, please contact us immediately.