Using plugin effects in your video editor

Written by Ollie
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In this article, we'll explore how to apply effects and adjust the controls of your selected plugin effects.


Applying Effects:

  1. Select Your Plugin: Start by choosing the plugin you want to use by browsing the Motion Array Hub. Whether it's Exposure Pro, Energy Distortion, Glow Effects, Color Grading, or others, each option offers a unique set of effects to play around with.

  2. Access the Effects Library: Most video editing software has a designated effects library where you can find and apply plugins. If you’re not sure where to find your effects, check out this article (link) for a guide. Find your chosen plugin from the library and drag it onto your video clip on the timeline.

  3. Adjust Effect Parameters: Once the effect is applied, you'll typically have a panel or interface where you can adjust various parameters. These parameters might include intensity, duration, color, size, and more, depending on the specific effect.


Let's delve into adjusting controls for some of our popular plugins. We will use Premiere Pro for the example software, but the instructions are universal across all editors.


Light Flares:

Great for adding a touch of style to your videos, whether you want to create a dreamy atmosphere, simulate sunlight streaming through a window, or achieve a unique cinematic look.

Search for MA - Lights & Flares and select ‘Light Flares’ from the effects folder:



  • Drag and drop the effect onto your desired clip or adjustment layer. You’ll see a light flare immediately appear on your footage.
  • Open the Effect Controls window with your clip selected. Scroll down to Light Flares and begin adjusting the settings.
  • Change the type of Flare, the position of the hotspot and where the light pivots to. Hover over the numbers until your cursor changes, the click down and drag your mouse either direction to alter the amount. You can also change the number if you know the exact value you want. Change the Intensity and Scale and Color to create a subtle glow, or something more eye catching. (Check out the Lightsword clashes!)



Film Damage / Grain

Our plugins found in the MA - Grunge Effects folder are a great way to achieve a vintage or cinematic look, adding texture, and evoking nostalgia in your edit. Let’s add some Damage and Grain to a clip to see what it does.

Click and drag the Film Damage effect onto your footage. You will notice a subtle change as the preset has applied. To change the effect further, head to Effect Controls with the clip selected.

Film Damage comes with lots of controls.




Here’s an example of what it can look like and the parameters used:








Have a go for yourself at using some of our new plugins as part of the Motion Array Hub. Remember, experimentation is key! Don't be afraid to try different settings and combinations to find the perfect look for your project.


If you have any issues using your plugins. check out our troubleshooting guide (link) or reach out to our Support team.