Managing your Team members

Written by Ollie
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From assigning roles to managing statuses and invitations, our Team plan subscription offers many useful ways for a team to work seamlessly together. Here's a detailed guide on managing team members efficiently within the Motion Array platform.


Role Management:

  • Admin Role: Admins hold the highest level of authority in a team. They can change the roles of other members and managers and cannot be demoted. They have access to view and edit the team payment method. To remove or change the admin of a team you will need to speak to our support team via the chat widget on the site. 
  • Manager Role: Managers have authority over other members and managers but cannot promote users to admin status.
  • Member Role: Members can't edit other users' roles. However, they can be upgraded to managers.


All Team member roles have paid access to all areas of the Motion Array site including downloads, plugins and tools.

Status Management:

Each team member can have either an active or invited status. 

  • Active: Indicates members who have joined the team and are able to use the site as a paid user.
  • Invited: Members who have been sent invitations but have not yet joined. Hovering over the tooltip reveals when the invite was sent.



You can use the three dot menu next to each team member to control the following: 

  • Resend Invitation: Sends the invitation email again to the user. The invite will go to the member’s email inbox. Make sure to check the junk/spam folder if the invitation isn’t arriving, and double check the spelling of the address. 
  • Remove from Team: Removes the member from the team permanently. The team member will not be notified, but can rejoin again if invited, or subscribe to another plan. 

Inviting new team members: 

When inviting members, a pop up opens displaying the number of invited members out of the total paid seats.

To invite a new team member, input their email addresses and hit invite. The system will check that the email is valid and that the member does not already have an existing active subscription. 


If the member has an active subscription, they will need to downgrade to free first in order to join the team. To join the team right away, reach out to support via the chat widget on the site and they will be happy to assist.


Exceeding the seat limit:

If you would like to invite more members than your current team size, you’ll just need to pay for the additional seat(s). The price will be prorated based on the time remaining of the annual plan. If you are an Enterprise customer, you’ll just need to contact your sales representative to invite more members. 


If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team from the chat bubble on our site, or from here. Thank you for choosing Motion Array!