Where Are The Legacy Plugins for Premiere Pro?

Written by Peter
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If you haven't already downloaded, and installed the Plugins for Premiere Pro, you can do so here

Before you download & install the Plugins, we recommend watching this handy YouTube tutorial we made here, to learn how to download, install and remove the Red-X watermark from the Plugins:



After downloading and installing the Plugins, if you don't see them, please double check the Video Transitions & Effects folders. Plugins should be installed there.



If you are still unable to see the Plugins, it may be due to a different reason.

Kindly note that the new Mac M1 or M2 systems will require you to open Premiere Pro using Rosetta in order to use Plugins.


Please try the following to open Premiere Pro using Rosetta, if you are using a new Mac M1 or M2 systems:

  1. Go to Applications

  2. Select the chevron to expand the Adobe Premiere Pro folder, then right click on the Adobe Premiere Pro 2023.app and select Get Info:


3. From the Get Info window that pops-up, check on the option Open using Rosetta


4. Open Premiere Pro again, and look for the Plugins

Alternatively, you can open your apps using Intel from the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App, which should have the same affect as Opening using Rosetta:



Please Note: If you do not see the Plugins after opening Premiere Pro using Rosetta, please download the Plugins and install them again from here: https://motionarray.com/plugins/premiere-pro/

If you're still having trouble with finding or using the Plugins after following all of the above relevant steps, please send our friendly support team a message from the chat bubble in the bottom-right hand corner of our site, or write to us from our contact page here for support.