How to Uninstall the Hub & Plugins

Written by Peter
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How To Uninstall The Plugins

To uninstall the Plugins, simply navigate to the breadcrumbs at the bottom right-hand corner of the Hub, left-click it, and press "Uninstall Plugins"

The Plugins will then uninstall. You may still see Plugins in Premiere Pro if you have the Legacy Plugins installed. See here to learn how to uninstall the Legacy Plugins.


How to Uninstall The Hub

Please follow the below steps relevant to your operating system if you would like to uninstall The Hub.


As the Motion Array Hub is an application, you can simply drag it from your Applications folder into the Trash, and empty the trash to uninstall on macOS.



1. Enter "Apps & features" in your Windows search bar

2. Select Apps & features from the list

3. From Apps & features, search "Motion Array Hub", then click on the box titled "Motion Array Hub", and then select "Uninstall"