How To Install Legacy Plugins for Premiere Pro

Written by Peter
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Mac M1/M2 Users with Premiere Pro 2024 or newer installed:

Mac M1/M2 users require Rosetta in order to run the Legacy Plugins for Premiere Pro.

As of Premiere Pro 2024 (released on 11 October, 2023): ADOBE VIDEO AND AUDIO PRODUCTS NO LONGER SUPPORT ROSETTA

However, you can install previous versions of Premiere Pro to use Rosetta. See here to learn how to install a previous version of Premiere Pro or other Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Windows users with any Premiere Pro version OR

Mac users with Premiere Pro 2023 or earlier installed:

We offer both new Plugins (effects only), and Legacy Plugins (effects & transitions)

Legacy Plugins can be installed here:

And you can learn how to install these here, or from the video below.



If you have already installed the legacy Plugins, but are having trouble finding them, please see this article: Where Are The Legacy Plugins?