What is Refer a Friend?

Ollie Didwell
Written by Ollie Didwell
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Refer your friend to join you on Motion Array and unlock benefits for the both of you.


If you’re subscribed to the Annual plan, you will have a referral link you can send to someone. When your referral purchases an Annual plan too, you’ll both get two free months added to your subscription!


You can keep track of your referrals from your account page, and see how many free months of subscription you’ve earned in total. 


Check out some frequently asked questions below: 

  1. How do I refer someone to Motion Array?
    If you’re subscribed to the Annual plan, copy and paste your referral link to share it with friends. Once they subscribe to an Annual plan, you’ll both get 2 extra months added to your subscription.

  2. Is the referral program eligible for all types of subscriptions
    You can only refer friends if you have an Annual plan. If you’re subscribed to a Monthly plan, you’ll have to upgrade to Annual to refer friends and earn extra months on your subscription.

  3. How will I know if my referrals have subscribed
    You can track the status of your referrals in the ‘Refer a Friend’ section in My Account.

  4. How many people can I refer?
    You can refer an unlimited number of people. Each one who subscribes to an Annual plan through your referral link will get you an extra 2 months on your subscription.

  5. When will I get my 2 extra months
    Your 2 extra months will be added to your subscription as soon as your friend subscribes to an Annual plan through your referral link.

  6. Does the referral expire?
    No, your friends can subscribe through your referral link at any time. 

  7. What happens if my friend cancels or changes their plan?
    If your friend changes their plan from Annual to Monthly, or cancels their subscription within 14 days of signing up (as mentioned in the Motion Array refund policy), both you and your friend will lose the extra months you got as part of the referral program.

  8. What happens if I cancel or change my plan?
    If you cancel your plan, or change it to a Monthly plan, you’ll lose any extra months you got through this referral program.


If you have any further questions, or need some help with the Refer a Friend process, please reach out to our support team via the chat widget on the site.