How to uninstall the plugins

Ollie Didwell
Written by Ollie Didwell
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Uninstalling the plugins is nice and simple. With our pack, once the program is removed, the effects are all automatically removed from your chosen editing software too. Here’s how to uninstall them on both Windows and Mac:


On Windows, search ‘Add or remove programs’ from the taskbar and then search for ‘Motion Array Plugins’ in the apps list. You can then Uninstall the plugins from the dropdown option here on the right.



You can also right click on the program in the start menu and uninstall from there!


On Mac, it’s slightly different. Open up the Motion Array Plugins app from your Application folder, then select the 'i' option here at the bottom left.



You will then see the ‘Uninstall’ option at the bottom of the app. Click this to remove the plugins. When you uninstall the plugins, the effects will no longer show in any of the downloaded editing software.