On January 1st 2022, we changed our description model to make it more professional and suitable for our user’s needs, as well as increase the chances for your assets to be captured by search engines ("SEO"). While receiving great feedback from users, we've also received comments about the difficulties with the new method from our artists and we've decided to ease the method.

From now on, our description will include only one line with 5 to 10 keywords (without bullet points).

Here are some guidelines:

  • All keywords should be written as separate words with a comma between them

  • Specific locations should be indicated as part of the 10 keywords, preferably as the last keywords

  • Only the first word should be capitalized. However, cities, countries and names of sites (i.e Eiffel Tower, Paris, France) should be capitalized even if they are not the first word.

  • Please add these as part of the keywords, if your asset includes any of them - slow-motion, time-lapse, close-up, aerial view, copy space, 3D render, or loop

Generally, we recommend adding all other parameters that were required until now on the bullet point to your tags, such as camera movement, composition, angle, and additional technique. An asset can be more searchable by adding this information to the tags.


Questions? Contact us at content@motionarray.com

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