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While browsing through our library, you may have come across footage that comes with this disclaimer:

What does this mean?

"Editorial Use" is a term that broadly refers to all non-commercial (not advertising, movies, or other paid media) informative or instructional uses of videos and photos. Generally, when something is marked as "editorial use only" on our site, there is a factor that limits it's commercial copyright use.

This can include footage that features established brands:

Footage that includes famous landmarks or locations without a release:

Or footage of people that may not have model releases:

All of these will be clearly labelled on the asset page with the "editorial use only" label.

How can I use editorial only footage?

You can use editorial only footage in news casts, public service announcements, and other non-commercial informative productions.

How can't I use editorial only footage?

You cannot use editorial footage for a commercial purpose. This includes movies, television shows, vlogs that are monetized, or any other production whose purpose is solely revenue-generating or entertainment.

We hope this helps clear things up, but let us know if you have more questions, we'd be happy to answer them!

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