YouTube uses a tool called ContentID to let music creators protect their tracks from piracy and misuse. They also partner with other services like AdRev, HAAWK, Identifyy, and others to track usage and monetization of tracks registered with these services.

These systems are useful for combatting piracy, but they are not perfect, and sometimes mistakes are made with regards to claims.

If you receive a claim from YouTube regarding a music track that you properly licensed from Motion Array, you should have no problem getting the claim removed.

First, confirm that your track is registered in content ID.

Visit the product page for the song you are using, and there you will be able to see the Content ID registration information.

If the track is not listed in Content ID, please contact support before disputing the claim.

If the track is listed as registered in Content ID:

Simply visit the copyright claims page in your YouTube account to dispute the claim.

When submitting your dispute, select the option that you have a license for the track, and include the following language in your dispute:

“I am paying member of and I have the rights to use this track on my YouTube video” followed by a copy and paste of the license you receive with your downloads. Or, if you are a free member "This track is free for royalty free use on Motion Array, and I have a free account" and the license details for that specific download.

This should be enough to get the claim cleared, and most claims are resolved in 24-72 hours. 

If you have any questions about your claim, please contact customer support

You have the right to use your music on YouTube, and we are here to make sure your claims are lifted!

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