Please note: if you're using the Google or Facebook login method, please see the bottom of this article for login instructions.

How To Sign Into Plugins (Email Login Method)

If you download our Premiere Plug-in via this page, you will see that it is a requirement to have an active paid membership to be able to use it in your video projects. 

(While it's free to download Plugins, only the Shifter set of Plugins can be used on a free membership without the need for a paid membership to remove the Red-X watermark)

If you have installed the Plugin and see a Red-X over your project screen, please make sure you have an active paid membership. If you have a free membership, that means you are unable to remove the watermark.

If you currently have a paid membership, please watch the tutorial here or from the video below to learn how to activate the Plugin inside Premiere Pro by logging in to your Motion Array account.

If you are having any issue or get any error message once logging in to your account via the plugin pop-up box, please contact us via live chat or here so our friendly customer success team can further assist you!

How To Login To Plugins (GOOGLE / FACEBOOK Login Method)

If you're using the Google or Facebook SSO (Single Sign On) method to login to your Motion Array account, you will need to create a new password in order to use the Plugins and/or Extension.

You can create a new password at the bottom of your My Account page, and press the save button, then try logging into the Plugins again (go to Email Login Method):

Please note that this may affect the way that you login to (e.g. if you're unable to login to your Motion Array account from by using the Facebook or Google Login after doing this, you may need to try entering your email address instead.)

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