Before downloading your After Effects template, it's always best to check whether it's going to require any additional plugins not native to After Effects. You can do this by checking at the bottom of the description. 

The template above requires Video Copilot's Saber. 

This template requires Trapcode's Particluar and Video Copilot's Optical Flares.

You can find a list of third-party plugins used in our templates from the links below.

Trapcode Suite
Trapcode's Particular
Trapcode's Form
Trapcode's Shine
Trapcode's 3D Stroke
Trapcode's Lux
Trapcode's Starglow
Video Colipot's Optical Flares
Video Colipot's Element 3D
Video Copilot's Saber
Video Copilot's Sure Target
Video Copilot's Color Vibrance
Rowbytes Plexus

Pixmap by Wunkolo

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